Women will create ‘Nava Chhattisgarh’: Neeta Lodhi

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Bhilai, Mar 12: Steel City women enjoy traditional games and remembered their childhood days during a special programme organized at Khursipar on the occasion of International Women’s Day. MLA Devendra Yadav and Antyavasayi Finance and Development Corporation Vice President Neeta Lodhi graced the event as guests.
They stated that the Bhupesh Baghel government is making every effort to promote traditional sports. People had forgotten the traditional games like Gitti, spin top, Kho-Kho and Musical Chair, etc. But the initiative of giving new identity to the traditional sports of Chhattisgarh has been taken by CM Bhupesh Baghel.
The state government is continuously doing significant work for the upliftment of women, they said and added that “Mahilayen Gadhengi Nava Chhattisgarh” (women will create a new Chhattisgarh). Women enthusiastically participated in the events organized at Mangal Bhavan in Khursipar. Everyone appreciated this programme organized for awakening of women by the Project-1 of Women and Child Development Department.
Women made significant contribution in making this event a grand success. Women and Child Development Project Officer Pooja Agrawal, Supervisor Usha Jha, Umesh Shukla, Monica, Deepshikha, Julie Arnold, Santri Dewangan, Vimala Sharma, Guddu Khan, Akram Bhai, Julie, Kavita Mishra, Pragya Lodhi, Anita Singh and hundreds of women were present.
Though the entire programme was nicely drafted but some of the events proved to be unforgettable. Chhattisgarhi traditional costume was one of the attractions as the women participating in this event wore Chhattisgarhi costumes. As there was a fancy dress theme also, many women replicated the doctors, cops and lawyers, scientists, politicians, etc.
They enjoyed Chhattisgarhi Cuisine which was another attraction of this programme. Chhattisgarhi cuisine made this day very special. The women remembered their childhood days when they used to eat archi, khurmi, arsah, piddhi. All these dishes were available at the venue.
Traditional Sports was another attraction. Rangoli, chair race, kho-kho were also organized in this event. There was a unique enthusiasm among women to participate in traditional sports such as musical chair. The winning women were felicitated by MLA Devendra Yadav and Antyavasayi Finance and Development Corporation Vice Chairman Neeta Lodhi.
During the programme, Steel City women, who are working out of the box, were also felicitated. There were many women who went out of the house and did commendable job for the society during Corona period. Apart from the local women, Anganwadi workers and assistants were honoured for appreciable works.

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