Amit Shah’s visit a teaser to BJP’s “Vidhansabha Chunaav Abhiyaan” !


Though Amit Shah’s visit in Durg today is ostensibly for a public address under the party’s nationwide campaign to highlight the achievements of Union government in the 9 years of rule and to shove way for the Lok Sabha election, but in all probability, this could be a teaser for BJP’s “Chunaav Abhiyan” for the Chhattisgarh Assembly Election only a couple of months away.

BJP has been trying to corner the Congress ruling party on issues of PMAY and alleged scams of coal transport, liquor and irregularities in selection process of the State Civil Services. Moreover, the series of raids conducted by the central agencies are yet to make any significant impact on the ruling party. Furthermore, with the “Nyay Yojanas” Congress obviously has an edge in the election scenario. The ruling party has unlocked almost all its cards for the assembly elections and “in all likelihood” must have kept a “secret trump card” to woo the voters. In such a condition and “lesson learnt” from the recent Karnataka misadventure, would the Union Minister simply play along with the apparent objective or give a significant indication of something new. It could be either projecting a face for the chief ministerial candidate or changing stance on “freebees and subsidies”.

Interestingly, the state chief minister is already giving “a lot of importance” to one of the BJP “heavyweights” during his “Bhent Mulaqat” campaign as well as while interacting with the media persons. It could be he is indirectly telling the BJP “name of a chief ministerial candidate” that would give him another issue of “Pardeshiya”. Since long it is being felt that the BJP lacks a strong and outspoken leader who can counter the aura of the Congress Chief Minister. There is one such elected public representative who very well fits in this category, but he is still awaiting expansion of the Union Cabinet.

Well, whatever the outcome, there is no doubt that Shah’s visit has increased the political temperature not only in the state but also within the BJP.



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