13 Faculties from NIT Raipur among top 2% World Scientists Ranking of Stanford University

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Raipur, Oct 07:

National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur’s thirteen faculty members have been featured in the prestigious list of ‘World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists/Researchers’ released by the renowned Stanford University ,USA for the year 2023.

This year’s list featured, Dr. Pradeep Singh Dr. Dilip Singh Sisodia, Dr. Rakesh Tripathi, Dr. Chandrashekhar Jatoth, Dr. Govind Prasad Gupta, Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Verma , Dr. Anamika Yadav, Dr. Sachin Jain, Dr. Subhojit Ghosh,  Dr. Bikesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Awanish Kumar, Dr. Pratima Gupta and Dr. Dalchand Jhariya.

Dr. Dilip Singh Sisodia’s research work is primarily focused on improving healthcare using the concepts of Computing/Machine Learning techniques, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Pradeep Singh’s area of expertise includes Computer Hardware and Architecture while Dr. Chandrashekhar Jathoth, Dr. Rakesh Tripathi and Dr. Govind Prasad Gupta focused primarily on Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing. Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Verma’s field of expertise includes the understanding of Networks and Telecommunications, while Dr. Subhojit Ghosh and Dr. Sachin Jain work towards the development and enhancement of renewable energy. Dr. Anamika Yadav’s works in the area of Artificial Intelligence techniques application in Power system protection, Micro grid and Smart grid etc. in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Dr. Bikesh Kumar Singh works on applications of Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in Computational Neuroscience, Computer Aided Diagnosis, and Healthcare in the field of Biomedical Engineering whereas Dr. Pratima Gupta works in BioMicrofluidics, Microbial products and process technology etc. while Dr. Awanish Kumar’s analysis of Antimicrobial resistance, Drug targeting, Smart drug delivery system etc. helped in enriching the field of Biotechnology.

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