Accept criticism as an Energy Drink to achieve success: Dr Bhavari

Motivational speech

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Motivational Speaker Dr Bhavari Vaishnav delivered a lecture on life sessions at a meeting here recently attended by nearly 200 employees.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Vaishnav shared her journey of her life from Zero to an Administrative Officer of a College. She said that adverse circumstances in life made her stronger with the thought of accepting all those hardships as life lesions which eventually paved her way to success. She further added that instead of replying to the criticism of people, we should take it as an Energy drink which would only result in success.

She asked the participants of the programme to accept the faults to deliver the responsibilities with honesty which would take us towards success.

She felt that there is nothing like challenges in life but the adverse circumstances only helps us to improve ourselves and learn from mistakes. In her concluding remarks, she said that student within ourselves should always be there in our life as it is a stepping stone to success.

Several prominent personalities including Harish Mantri, Junaid Hussain and others were present during the programme.


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