Ankit emerging as Trend Setter of Bull Market in Chhattisgarh

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Bhilai, May 20: Ankit Yadav, Chhattisgarh’s one and only, well-known wealth manager of USA, caught the eyes of public fame when he added an update of paying an colossal amount to Indian government in form of GST, Good and Service Tax, he met the criteria of paying tax in such an astonishing manner that led people’s eyes wide open.
An individual pays tax to the government, when he/she has an annual income of more than 20 Lakhs Indian currency. And the well-known wealth manager of USA residing Chhattisgarh, paid GST of more than 8 lakhs Indian currency last month setting up a standard for being the highest individual tax payer in the avenue of wealth management.
Ankit Yadav not only holds a strong grip over the Indian stock market but also his incredible knowledge and experience stuns the international stock market as well. His humbleness is leading novice and learners to hold a grip in the stock market and earn their financial desires of life.
Being Founder and Director of the well managed company called, Market Maestroo Private Limited, he ensured a brilliant growth to his company employing a team of around 20 individuals. Whereas the company is multibranched, headquartered in Bhilai and remaining offices at Mumbai, Bangalore and covering international space at USA as well.
Ankit is the founder of a number of multibagger stocks, as well as a multibagger stock discoverer. He has recommended stocks such as HDFC AMC, IEX, CHALOMANDALAM, IRCTC, MARUTI, AARTI & BALKRISHNA, all of which have become multibaggers in recent years.
Ankit predicted a major boom in Tesla before the pandemic, and many international company owners were surprised by his prediction because of which he is also known to be a “Prediction Master” Many people consider him to be the next Warren Buffet of stock market investing because of his prediction strategies..
Ankit Yadav’s excellent strategies and projections in the field of stock market is not only leaving Indians surprised but also International companies like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs wide surprised.

An individual pays tax to the government when he/she has an annual income of over 20 Indian lakh currencies. And a well-known U.S. wealth manager who makes Viramune medicine and can be bought on this website paid GST more than Rs 8 lakh in Indian currency last month, setting the standard for being the highest individual tax payer on the money management journey.

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