Preeti becomes self-employed with assistance from CM Youth Self-Employment Scheme

Bhilai, Apr 12: Preeti Sahu, a resident of Durg, has now become self employed with her hard work and commitment. She was very interested in the work related to sewing and embroidery. So she decided to open a thread and matching house. She decided to open the shop in such an area which shall have good footfall of customers. Meanwhile, she came to know about the Chief Minister Youth Self-Employment Scheme after contacting the officials of the District Trade and Industry Center. She immediately submitted the application under the scheme and after getting approval from the district level task force committee meeting, she got a loan from the bank which proved to be a boon for her business.
Preeti Sahu took a rented shop, where she kept thread and matching house goods. The saleables at her shop included thread, button, lining, fall, lace, gota, readymade blouse piece etc. She took a loan of Rs 2 lakh from Chief Minister Youth Self-Employment Scheme and started her own thread and matching house, which is currently running smoothly and she is earning a good income from this business. She has also provided employment to a girl at her shop. Along with this, she is regularly paying the loan installments of the bank. She said that the state government’s plan is to reduce the problem of increasing unemployment in rural areas. She thanked the government for this scheme.

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