Announcement of half electricity bill scheme is the victory of Bhilai residents: Pandey

Bhilai, Apr 09: Former Speaker of Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha, Prem Prakash Pandey termed the Chief Minister’s announcement to bring a proposal in the cabinet to extend the benefits of half electricity bill scheme to the domestic consumers of Bhilai Steel Plant township residents, as a victory for the residents of Bhilai. Pandey said that some leaders and officials of the township kept misleading the people for more than three and a half years. Officials said that until the supply line of BSP is not handed over to CSPDCL, the benefit of half electricity bill cannot be given to the domestic consumers of BSP township. Pandey said that earlier also he had tried to bring this matter in front of the public and now the people are going to get its benefit.
Pandey further said that the state government has given exemption in electricity bill up to 400 units to all the domestic consumers of the state. The benefit of which must also be given to the domestic consumers of BSP township. This is the constitutional right of township residents. The state government cannot discriminate between any two companies. Pandey said that they had filed a Public Interest Litigation in the court which created a pressure on the state government after which this decision was taken. “We demand that this exemption should be given to the residents of the township from the year 2019. If the township residents get the benefits from March 1, 2023, then this proposal is not appropriate”, Pandey said. He further said that this announcement has been made in view of the upcoming elections. If the state government does not give the benefit of half electricity bill with effect from 2019, Pandey said that he will continue the movement further.

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