Supela Flyover opens; brings relief to commuters

Bhilai, Apr 14: The flyover on National Highway located in Supela was opened for commuting on Friday morning. The officials of Traffic Police, PWD and Construction Company performed religious rituals after which the flyover was opened for traffic movement. Considering the traffic pressure and congestion, this flyover has been opened for traffic without any formal inauguration.
Friday was a very important day for the citizens of Bhilai as well as daily commuters who travel between Durg and Raipur as the newly constructed flyover of Supela became operational. People got great relief with the opening of this flyover. Traffic congestion at Supela and Chandra Mourya Square almost vanished immediately after the diversion of traffic towards the flyover.
PWD’s NH Division officials had declared that the construction work of Supela Flyover has been completed after the load testing. As it was ready for traffic movement, the administration opened it without any delay. Around 10:00 hrs on Friday, the lane of Raipur to Durg side was opened first and after about two hours, the second lane of Durg to Raipur was opened for traffic. Thousands of passengers who commute through NH will be facilitated, as well as the time taken for commuting will be saved. The repair work of the roads beneath the flyover will be launched soon. Landscaping work beneath the bridge is underway. Vertical gardens are also being established at many places.

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