Dilapidated CC road leading to ITI poses threat to safety

Magarlod, May 09:
The CC road leading to ITI and Mini Stadium approach road, which was constructed at a considerable cost four to five years ago, has become severely dilapidated and poses a threat to the safety of teachers, officers, and students who use it daily. The road has developed cracks and has been divided into two parts, causing inconvenience to the villagers who use it as well. Additionally, the cementing near the main gate has been uprooted, causing water to flow from the tap water source and making it necessary to enter ITI through the mud.
The poor quality of construction during the guarantee period is the reason for the current state of the road. The villagers have demanded that the concerned authorities take immediate action to repair the road and prevent any accidents from happening. The Gaurav Path in village Kareli Badi is also in a similar condition, with most of the CC roads built during the former Sarpanch period being dilapidated and breaking down.
The safety of the people using these roads should be the top priority of the authorities. It is essential that immediate steps are taken to ensure that these roads are repaired and made safe for public use.

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