With removal of complications, favourable atmosphere created for exports

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Bhilai, Sep 26: Earlier the entrepreneurs used to look for well-known and assured ventures for the coming generation. For making investments, they used to ask about enterprises which are in vogue and returns are assured. But today, people are coming forward to invest on new ideas.
They are exploring the ventures which are completely new and have limitless possibilities, opined the entrepreneurs of twin-city while sharing their views at the Export Conclave organised here at Supela. District Export Promotion Council and District Trade and Industries Center, Durg in collaboration with EEPC organized a one-day Exporters Conclave “Vanjaya Utsav” at Hotel Central Park in Bhilai.
MSME Durg District Industries Association President KK Jha in his address encouraged the young industrialists. He said that today industrialists are becoming very strong. Expressing happiness over the present situation where young industrialists are coming forward, he said that till 30 years ago, the entrepreneurs were afraid to attend the meeting of Sales Tax, GST, Excise, Bank etc as they did not know what would happen there.
At that time, the business that was done in the traditional way used to attract attention. Most of the people were interested on such businesses only. But today the whole market has opened in the global manner. People have got everything in their grasp through Google.
As a result of which the industrialists are establishing themselves as an exporters. He said that many people have become exporters from amongst the entrepreneurs of Bhilai – Durg with their dedication and hard work. He anticipated that very soon there will be a meeting of exporters instead of industrialists. Jha said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made his intention clear on the 75th anniversary of independence that more and more businessmen should focus on export.
This will improve the economy of India. A few days ago, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has also taken a good initiative. The state government is cooperating in increasing the economy of the country. He praised Simon Ekka, Chief General Manager, District Industries Center for organising such a wonderful programme and congratulated him for the successful programme.
Entrepreneurs said that the possibilities of export in Chhattisgarh region are not only for steel. There are vast possibilities regarding forest produce and its processing. If entrepreneurs invest in this sector, it will have huge potential. The entrepreneurs also appreciated the decision to establish industrial corridor in Kumhari area.
They said that the most significant requirement for growth in the industry is that the human resource should be available in close vicinity. There is no such situation in Chhattisgarh like Mumbai and Gurgaon where the people migrate from far away. Here in Chhattisgarh, the people want good employment opportunities near their home. Accordingly, such a corridor will prove to be very useful near the city.
Deputy General Manager Simon Ekka gave information about the industrial situation in Durg. Detail information about the conclave was given by Deputy Director Sanjay Gajaghate and Assistant Director Lokpal Khandekar. KK Jha, Ajay Bhasin, Kalpataru Behera, Satyanarayan Agarwal, Malay Jain, S Swaminathan, Vinod Jain, Arvinder Singh Khurana, Yash Shukla, Rambhagat Agarwal, Karam Singh Bedi, Atul Chand Sahu, Anal, Naveen Agarwal, Somendra Vidya, S Deepika and other industrialists and Branch Manager (ICICI) Ashutosh Singh were present.
In the programme, they expressed their views to promote exports. Technical information was given by EEPC representative Ankit Mehta, ECGC representative Kalpataru Behera, M/s Shivam Hi-tech representative Ketan Gulati, NABARD representative M Bara, and District Trade and Industry Centre, Durg (Manager) Kapil Singh Kushwaha. District Trade and Industry Centre, Durg, Chief General Manager Simon Ekka, General Manager RK Tiwari and RK Kumar, Manager Rakesh Chaurasia, Kapil Singh Kushwaha, Guneshwari Sahu, Bhupendra Gaur, Tushar Tripathi and Narendra Devangan, Assistant Manager Shailendra Singh and Sanjay Kumar Singh were present. The programme was conducted by Bhupendra Gaur.

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