Three Day Robotics Workshop held at BIT Durg

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Bhilai, Dec 09: MSME conducted the “Robotics Workshop” on “Line follower” and “Obstacle Avoiding Robots” which was hosted by the Robotics club, BIT Durg within one and half month of its establishment where the club inauguration and logo unveiling ceremony was held in the presence of Dr Arun Arora, Director BIT Durg, Dr Mohan Gupta, Principal BIT Durg, Dr Manisha Sharma, Vice Principal BIT Durg, Dr Shiena Shekhar, Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering), as well as HOD’s of all other disciplines and, Dr Mukesh Dubey, programme coordinator faculty incharges, Dr Santosh Mishra, Manoj Sao and Anjul Rai.
Dr Sudhir Chirivella, HOD (Electrical and Electronics) MSME training centre, Yatish Kumar Sahu, Training instructor MSME training Centre Rasmada along with his volunteers Anjali Soni and Abhilasha Vaidya guided the students during the three day workshop and helped them explore the world of Robots.
The workshop was conducted over a span of three days, where at the first day the students were taught about basic hardwares such as Arduino. They performed empiricals on Arduino UNO and the exercises carried out were dual-bulb lighting, simultaneous lighting, etc. On the second day students were briefed about infrared sensors, line following robots was built and line following exercise was conducted. On the last day of the workshop, students were briefed about ultrasonic sensors, its working and lastly obstacle avoiding exercise was conducted.
The great success of the workshop was the combined effort of the entire Robotics club team consisting of John Sam Daniel (President); Satyam Singh Bias (Vice president); Peri Shrihar (Vice President); Aman Verma (Secretary); Siddharth Chakravarty(Secretary); KV Shashank Reddy (Treasurer); Dipansh Sharma (Research team Head); Abhinav Banerjee (Content team head); Akash Sahu (Social Media team head); Anurag Rathore (Technical team head); Harsh Patle (Video editing head); Pratikarsh Kumar Singh (Graphics team head).
Vijay Gupta, Chairman BIT trust; IP Mishra, Secretary BIT Durg; Dr Arun Arora, Director BIT Durg, Dr Mohan Gupta, Principal BIT Durg and Dr Manisha Sharma, Vice-principal BIT Durg, praised and congratulated the efforts of
robotics club.

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