Saving the sparrow inch by inch

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Baikunthpur/Koriya, Sep 18: Sparrows, or Gurayia, as locally called, is a bird, which was found in abundance 15-20 years back, but lately the chestnut coloured bird is decreasing in number and the reasons accounted are many.
The sparrows, not natives of jungles or high trees, build nest among human habitation and offices, but as concrete structure continue to rise higher and people destroying its nest, the number of them have decreased at a very high pace, with many cities accounting with zero sparrow population. According to ornithologist Hemant Singh, the sparrow population is currently destroyed to 60-80% and making artificial nest or basera for them is the most potent method to increase it population. A male sparrow build a house to woo the female, but as nests are pulled down by people, the winged creature finds it difficult to lay its eggs, he said. There are also instances when the male sparrow is witnessed fighting another male for a nest, and instances like these are complexly man made, said Singh as he also clarified that the sparrow makes a small, fussy nest, of twigs, twines and dry leaves, thereby making one, in ‘human mode’, is relatively very easy. The ornithologist also recommends that by building a single nest for the bird in creeks or corners, we save 5-6 sparrows, in total, because a female sparrow lays 4-5 eggs at a time. Condemning the fact that sparrow deaths have been reported due to excessive use of pesticides in fields and farms, there is relatively over increase in insect’s population, distracting the ecological balance. One such pest is locust, he said, which is accounted for wide destruction of crops in many places.
Sparrow crusaders
An organization by name Team 7 Stars, are playing their small role in saving the sparrow, by rescuing sparrows and their nest. A team of 7-10 people, the members of the team also educate people as to how to build temporary and artificial nest out of used bottles and broken pots.

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