Quarter Retention holders meet MP Vijay Baghel

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Bhilai, Sep 27: Retired employees of Bhilai Steel Plant who possess the BSP quarters under the Retention Scheme have sought support from the Member of Parliament for relaxation in the house rent. The retired employees are paying 64 times penal rent as the period of retention is over. Most of them are unable to pay such a high amount as penal rent. The aggrieved retired employees shared their problem with MP Vijay Baghel and made him aware of their problems. The retired workers are hopeful of finding amicable solution to their problem.
The number of such retired employees residing in the quarters of the plant is around 700. The aggrieved employees told MP Baghel that they have been provided rented accommodation by the Management for their post-retirement accommodation. Presently this rent is being continuously increased. Right now it has been increased to 64 times. It is not possible for retired employees to pay such high amount as rent. These retired employees requested MP Baghel to waive off the outstanding (amount of house rent) and 18% interest.
Retention holders are expecting relief after intervention of MP Vijay Baghel. Sen Singh Rajput, Shyam Bihari Prajapati, SK Sen, Kulwant Singh, Arjun Sharma, Indradev, Subhash Chandra Meshram, Naresh Choubey, Dhananjay Dubey, Nagesh Tiwari and BSP Workers Union President Ujjwal Dutta and Deputy General Secretary Dilkeshwar Rao were also present.

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