LDD providing 100% benefit of govt schemes to beneficiaries

Konta, Jun 12:
Animal husbandry is an important activity in the rural areas of the state, which provides supplementary income to the families dependent on agriculture. Livestock is the only source of income available during drought and other natural calamities. Livestock Development Department (LDD) Sukma is providing 100 percent benefits of government schemes to the beneficiaries of the district. Different types of schemes are being operated by the department under individual oriented schemes to encourage the farmers and livestock owners of the district for animal husbandry as well as to make them financially empowered. Under the scheme, livestock is distributed to the livestock owners, due to which they have got new sources of income. In Sukma district, livestock distribution has been done continuously to the beneficiaries under the scheme at the hands of Industries and Excise Minister Kawasi Lakhma and local public representatives.
Villagers get means of additional income from Schemes
Under the goat rearing scheme, women beneficiaries of 130 self-help groups (SHGs) were given the benefit of the scheme in the last session. From the presently distributed goats, she-goat gives birth to new one and they become marketable after growth. This is proving to be helpful in the economic development of the beneficiaries by selling them in the form of traditional programme and meat. In order to make women self-help groups self-dependent and to promote poultry farming scheme at low cost, 45 no’s chicks of 28 days and poultry food were also supplied by providing employment opportunities to women self-help groups (WSHGs). As a result of which the chickens after growth are sold at the rate of Rs 450 to 500 per kg and eggs at the rate of Rs.5-6 per piece. By increasing the resources, they are making their financial position strong. In the last year 2020-21, under the State Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, six beneficiaries have been supplied Milch cows of advanced breeds on grants and from which they are getting good income by producing milk and selling it to the milk consumers in the villages.
Deputy Director, Livestock Development Department (LDD) Sukma informed that under the departmental individual oriented schemes run by the Livestock Development Department of Chhattisgarh Government, 350 beneficiaries were provided benefits under the Backyard Poultry Farming Scheme in district Sukma in the financial year-2020-21. Similarly, 15 beneficiaries of Sukratrayi distribution scheme, 03 of bull distribution scheme, 12 of Madavats rearing scheme, 36 of male goat distribution scheme and 130 of goat rearing scheme were selected and benefitted.
In the action plan for the year 2021-22, various individual, backyard poultry rearing 447, goat distribution 100, Sukratrayi distribution-20, bull distribution 04, cow rearing 06, State Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme run by the Livestock Development Department, Government of Chhattisgarh Under this, 06 targets have been achieved, for the fulfillment of which approval has been obtained from the list of beneficiaries, the General Assembly of the District Panchayat and the Agriculture Standing Committee.

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