Get vaccination done without fail: Sahu

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Gourela, Pendra, Marwahi, May 23: In order to save people and the families from corona virus infection and to keep the nation and society safe from it, vaccination against covid-19 is the only safest means. It is openly ignoring and giving deaf ears to all sorts of rumours and false messages that all the persons in all age-group above 18 should get the vaccination done without fail and then only they would be able to keep themselves safe.
The above are the words of President Ekta Group Sharda Sahu, District V-P Sahu Samaj GPM while speaking to media persons after getting second dose of vaccination in Pendra-Marwahi here on Thursday.
Sharda Sahu said that there are all sorts of rumour and false messages in rural areas related to vaccination against Corona virus and to which the people should stronly oppose and ignore and get the vaccination done without fail. She assertively said that vaccination is the only sure-shot alternative to avoid all complexities which one might face due to corona virus and therefore should get vaccinated without fail.
Sharda Sahu further said that the way this Covid-19 infection has spread in rural areas, it does not seem to end so soon. She said that all the members of Ekta Group have got the vaccination done, including herself and they are creating awareness among other people about it as well.
In context of variety of rumours related to this vaccine, Sharda Sahu said that some say that one gets ill and high-fever after the vaccination or may develop some other abnormalities on getting vaccinated, including death.
She termed all this as false and ridiculous and not to be given due weightage. Instead she made an appeal to all the villagers present to make this vaccination drive a grand success and ensure wearing of mask and maintain social distancing and use sanitizer or soap at home to ensure thorough cleaning from time to time.

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