Continuous 1000 Accident Free Days in Instrumentation Department

Bhilai, Sep 30: SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant is taking continuous efforts to ensure Safety enrichment culture in the organisation. Interventions by Departmental Safety Officers (DSO’s), Safety warriors and other manual interventions have led to Safe work practices.

One of these initiatives by Instrumentation department has yielded positive results. Instrumentation Department has completed 1000 accident free days on September 29, 2022.

Instrumentation Department provides 24×7 services of measuring, monitoring and control of process and environment parameters of all shops from COCCD, BFs, SMS, Mills, PBS, SPs, RMPs and other auxiliary units. The Shop’s employees are always on alert mode to meet the shop requirements and also attend the preventive maintenance and breakdown jobs of old units and Modex units.

Instrumentation Department has prepared itself to meet challenge of no accidents by conducting many activities and taking new initiatives so that its personnel do not get trapped in Near miss cases and convert into accidents. The department has initiated issue of PPE card to all contractual persons, which has been made mandatory throughout BSP for all contracts.

Similarly, Instrumentation department conducts regular safety evaluation, yoga sessions, counselling sessions for its employees. Instrumentation Department was feted by Asit Saha, CGM I/c (M&U) and GP Singh, Acting CGM (Safety & Fire Services) on September 29, 2022 for completing 1000 accident free days. All Senior officers of department PN Maravi, Joseph M Joy, AM Danny and Section I/cs along with their staff participated in the proceedings. The programme was organised by SR Jatrele, GM-Instrumentation DSO.


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