BSP committed to Environmental Conservation & Sustainable Practices for Clean & Green future

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Bhilai, Jun 04: SAIL-BSP is committed to be clean and green and use sustainable initiatives to protect the environment and save resources for a vibrant future. Like each year, World Environment Day would be celebrated on June 05, 2021. “Eco system restoration” is the theme of this year’s World Environment Day 2021.
Ecosystem restoration can take many forms: growing trees, greening cities, rewilding gardens, changing diets or cleaning up rivers and coasts. Behaving in environmentally responsible way by corporates & citizens will result in restoration of ecological systems, paving the way for a sustainable planet. SAIL-BSP is committed to work towards the same.
Eco restoration & environment protection have been the cornerstones of BSP’s progress towards prosperity since its inception. BSP has invested heavily towards green technologies in each phase of its expansion.
The technological up-gradation is resulting in cleaner & leaner operations aimed at reduction in energy, greenhouse gas emissions, reduction in other gaseous & water pollutants, enhancement in solid waste utilization, improved housekeeping etc. Now BSP is on the verge of becoming a Zero Liquid waste discharge company, joining the list of very few industries in the world which have achieved this distinction.
Apart from improving its operational efficiencies resulting in cleaner and greener technologies, BSP has been diligently involved in making its environs greener through massive plantation programs inside the plant, township & its captive mines. More than 5.5 Million trees have been planted so far in this direction. Over the years, BSP has forged number of partnerships with reputed global institutes in strengthening its sustainability initiatives.
Many initiatives have been taken by BSP for Pollution reduction, resource conservation, water conservation, tree plantation & environmental awareness.
For Pollution control, Replacement/up-gradation of existing stack emission control system have been carried out in number of areas in units like Coke ovens, SP-2, SP-3, RMP-2 etc to bring down the particulate emission from 150mg/Nm3 to 50mg/nm3, to bring down overall pollution load in the atmosphere.
BSP has installed 4 nos of continuous Ambient Air quality monitors in plant & township for round the clock monitoring of Ambient air quality. There is also provision for electronic display of the data at Main gate of the plant & at township station, for public awareness.
New Schemes for control of Air pollution include replacement of Multi-cyclones (wet scrubbers) by ESPs at Sinter Plant-II for control of Stack emission, ESP based de-dusting system at SP-II for work-zone/fugitive emission control, Cast house De-fuming system in Blast Furnace-7 for control of work-zone emission etc.
Some of the notable initiatives towards environment protection taken-up in different new production/process units of the 7.0 MT expansions include Pusher Car with door cleaning mechanism, Air cooled self-sealing doors, Coke Dry Quenching system with provision for power generation to the tune of 4 MW in New Battery-11 in COCCD complex, sinter cooler waste heat recovery system in SP 3. Cast house slag granulation system, Coal dust Injection system and Top gas recovery system along with 14MW power generating unit are being used in Blast Furnace-8.
100% recovery of LD gas is done at SMS 3. Also, there is a Dog house for secondary emission control, hot charging of blooms & billets, and design of all motors, pumps etc. for control of Noise in SMS 3. Clean gases are being used in furnaces & new power plant (BF, CO & level below Mixed gases) to reduce coal/liquid fuel consumption and reduce stack emissions in all Modex units.
Water conservation plays vital role in any eco-restoration & environmental conservation efforts of an entity. In its quest for zero discharge and efforts towards water conservation, a holistic approach is attempted at Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) to address multiple horizons of water management. With a specific water consumption of just 2.76 m3/TCS in the year 2020-21, BSP has already achieved global standards and is aiming at a water consumption target of 2.35 m3/TCS in the next 3 years.
30 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) was commissioned to treat the sewage water collected from ten sectors of the township. BSP has over the years taken number of initiatives for conservation of rainwater inside the plant & township like rain water harvesting currently being done from the rooftops of Plate Mill & Machine Shop-II area.
Eco-restoration of mined out areas has become essential not only for conservation of biodiversity but also for public health and livelihoods. Restoration of the mines-out areas is being done by the mining department of Bhilai steel plant. Understanding the importance of renewable energy & to partner the national drive towards using green energy, BSP has installed a 2×100 kWp Roof-top Off-Grid Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant at Bhilai Niwas. Bhilai Steel Plant has also switched over to using LED lights in street lighting, public buildings & offices in township & plant. This initiative has resulted in saving of lakhs of rupees every year but also saving of energy.
For protection of Bio-diversity in Plant, township & mines, BSP has undertaken massive plantation drive, right since inception. So far more than 55 lakh trees have been planted, with the help of Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam. There are 15 gardens over 30 acres inside the plant and 3 nurseries with 25000 plants of 125 flora varieties.
48 nos of Eco-clubs functioning in BSP’s schools ensure that students are actively involved in environmental conservation & awareness building activities through-out the year. Environmental Exhibi-tions and other special initiatives are regularly undertaken during the celebration of environmental events like world environment day, earth day, water day, Ozone day etc to spread awareness amongst citizens.
SAIL-BSP has been making sustained efforts over the years to be in sync with the environment and provide an ambient atmosphere for the future generations. Its conscious initiatives has resulted in Bhilai being a green city not just in the Plant but its Township too, being home to more than 40 species butterflies, more than 80 species of birds, more than 80 species of beetles, and more than 112 species
of trees.

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