Age is no barrier to joy and happiness

Elderly people recollect school days after 55 years

Bhilai, Feb 05: Age is just a number and it cannot be a barrier to joy and happiness, opined the elderly citizens after reliving their school days after about 55 years. The former students of Higher Secondary School, Sector 7 organised a picnic and recollected the fun and joy they had during school picnics. After a very long gap, they contacted each other and decided to organise a picnic on the banks of River Sheonath at Pisegaon. They enjoyed the company of schoolmates under the shade of gooseberry, mango and banyan trees. The arrangements of this family picnic were done under the supervision of Kapoor Singh Parihar and Shrikant Ghule. They cooked together and enjoyed the food. Neeta Gupta, Snehlata Parihar, Lakshmi, Meenakshi Verma, Mrs Ghule and others conducted various games including housie, musical chair, fugga phod etc. They realised that age cannot be a barrier to joy and happiness. They could not have been able to jump and run like young age, but their childhood friendship was clearly visible. No one was concerned about their status and position. All the participants were of the age group between 66 to 70 years. In the company of school mates, they forgot their health problems . Everyone left for their respective homes with the desire to meet again soon.

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