Abhilash Agrawal’s ‘Mor Raadha Mor Raani’ to be released soon

Bhilai, Mar 21:
“Mor Raadha Mor Raani” is a Musical Film by director Abhilash Agrawal. It’s shot under the ambience of Festival Holi. Mor Raadha Mor Raani is a Chhattisgarhi based content shot under the visualisation to be at par with Quality standard Films that are high budgeted and are universal. The film was shot under quality industry based standards so Chhattisgarhi content to be with par with other standard based contents. Technologies likes shooting High end Multi Cam, Anamorphic Vision, Ultra Wide Ratio, 4K Resolution were applied. The villagers helped in the production so the team was able to create an accurate folk feel. Mor Raadha Mor Raani is a Chhattisgarhi content starring Anjali Thakur as lead Heroine, Agraj Joshi and TA Atul as Camera Operators, Saif Khan as Production Manager. Mor Raadha Mor Raani will soon be released in all social platforms and is being made ready to participate in several international film festivals as well. We are positive that people will like our efforts and would be able to relate with it, said Abhilash Agrawal.

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