Water from Gangrel reaches Sankari village

Central Chronicle News
Arang, Aug 31: After the intervention of Chief Minster Bhupesh Baghel, for release of Gangrel water, the region finally got its slot of water for irrigation, till the last village Tekari.
It was after the initiation of Irrigation Panchayat President Bhupendra Sharma, that the water course and wastage of water was detected, and alert villagers, took guard by turns to catch water intruders. It may be recalled here that channel no 24, is the out reach point of water distribution from Gangrel to more than 05 villages, of which village Sankari is the remotest point. Though enough water was released, farmers from this village complained of not getting enough water for irrigation, reaching far flung fields, after which on the initiation of Sharma, water finally reached the outskirts of the village area. In a joint meeting with village Sarpanch Leena Vicky Verma, members of Irrigation Panchayat Dharmu Prasad Sahu, Chintaram Verma and others, water flow pressure and repair at turns and joints were done on a priority basis. Discussing the entire transition, Bhupendra Sharma, said that the water availability depends on the fall of water in the catchment area of Gangrel. The villagers expressed their happiness and unity of labour in bringing water to their fields, during the peak of Kharif season.

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