‘Unique Stud Welding Tagging’ of TMT Bar Bundles in BSP

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Bhilai, Jul 30: In view of customer satisfaction, SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant has always incorporated new technologies in its operations to provide better and quality service to the esteemed customers. For this purpose, Bhilai Steel Plant is using “Unique Stud Welding Tagging” of TMT bar bundles to ensure quick identification and traceability of TMT bars produced at merchant mill.
Nowadays tagging/embossing plays an important role in Industrial product identification and traceability. Improper traceability of any industrial product often results in rejection/non-acceptance of the product by customers for use in any minor/major projects.
Sensing the mood of the market and esteemed customers, unique traceability techniques have now been adopted by all SAIL units. Durgapur Steel Plant also adopted the modern state of the art Stud Welding Method of tagging of TMT bars through stud welded wear resistance printed tags aimed at increasing market share.
In this respect, Merchant Mill of BSP has started tagging of its finished TMT bundles with stud welding method from June, 2021 onwards before dispatching it to customers. The unique tagging mechanism will enhance the brand image of TMT bars among customers and increase the market share.
The old tagging system used to cause problems like strap breakage, tag falling and weather damage, leading to difficulties in identification and traceability of the product as well as increased the chances of rejection of the product. Therefore, to serve the customers better, the new method of tagging “Unique Stud Welding Tagging” was used. The trial of this latest method provided by M/s Plasto Chem, Calcutta was successful. Now this method will be used regularly.
It may be noted that the tagging with stud welding method has several benefits over old tagging system like the tags now being equipped with proper bar code and heat proof (up to 200 degrees), it can be printed with bar code printer on site in multi-colour pre-printed option. Tags are weather and tear resistant. Tags are stud welded so that there is less chances of missing of product. It has better visibility due to location at front/back of the bundles and so are very useful for stockyard handling.

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