Two baby elephants died within 24 hrs

Rajesh Soni
Surajpur, Sep 24: Two baby elephants have died within 24 hours at Rescue Centre in Ramkola of Surajpur district and this has created sensation in entire centre. The age of one baby elephant was 2 years and his death has been confirmed by CF Wildlife Surguja and team of doctors. It is notable here that at Rescue Centre in Ramkola village, Laxman and Rewa was born two years back. But last on Wednesday, Laxman all of sudden fell ill due to some unknown virus and it is suspected to be HV-1 virus.
It was despite lot of efforts that Laxman could not survive this virus and died on Thursday evening. It was after his death, the other baby elephant Rewa was also kept separately, suspecting him to be affected from the same virus and was being treated. The other elephants in the Rescue Centre too were tied about 100 mts away and use of sanitizer was done to avoid infection from this virus.
On seeing the health condition of Rewa deteriorating, the team of veterinary doctors reached the Centre earlier and tried to save his life, but it was around 1:30 pm on Friday, he breathed his last.
So far the report of HV-1 virus taken from both these baby elephants has not being received, but it is believed that this virus spreads speedily and deteriorates health and does not provide chance to recover.
Meanwhile the death of two baby elephants within 24 hours has brought concern to the Wildlife department and it needs to take advice from experts, so as to crub increase of this dreadful virus.

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