Total 69 persons fined Rs 15900 in 2 days

Rajim, Mar 25:
The city’s Nagar Panchayat officials and police administration have now become awaken and charged fine of Rs 15900 from 69 persons moving without masks in last two days. So far the local administration was keeping mum on this issue and it is only after massive rise in such cases that they have taken to streets now.
There are reports that with sudden splurge in number of corona positive cases in last two weeks, there are strict rules in other cities. But here the people are roaming around freely without masks and not maintaining social distancing. But now they are realising that it is due to lack of covid-19 protocol that cases are on the higher side. Here in city be it banks, government offices, ration shops, Choice centres and shops there is huge rush of people each day and none are bothered about corona pandemic.
It is in this context that local Nagar Panchayat and police administration jointly conducted surprise checking near Tehsil Office on Monday and fine 35 people with fine of Rs 8500 for not wearing mask in public place.
Sanitation officer of Nagar Panchayat Rajim Tarun Thakur informed that on the second day on Tuesday the checking was done at District Co-op Bank, Indane Gas Agency, State Bank and near the Ration Shop and here 34 persons were found without masks and were fined Rs 7400 as penalty.
Here the people were explained not to take corona virus lightly as it is still active and there is second wave of this virus and maintain covid-19 i:e wear masks, maintain social distancing and avoid getting infected. Those above 60 and those with comorbidities in the age-group of 45-59 too should get vaccination done without any further delay and keep their family safe.

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