Students presented variety of models

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Koriya, Sep 07: In the block-level exhibition on ‘Kabad-se-Jugad’ , the school students presented wonderful models based upon the subjects of their studies and this included models on Solar equipments; Environment board; breathing instrument; bio-gas plant and other models and exhibited their creative talent.
On Sept 4 the block-level exhibition on ‘Kabad- se-Jugad’ was displayed in Ramanuj HS School in Baikunthpur block headquarters. In this exhibition, a teacher and student from one school were selected from ‘Sankul-level’ from total 52 ‘Sankuls’ and they presented their models. Under this programme, models were basically prepared in Hindi, English and environment based. Seeing this exhibition BEO BRC Nilesh Shukla, APC Rajkumar Chafekar, Asst. BEO Devesh Jaiswal, and all CSC took part and hailed the models prepared and boosted morale of the students.

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