Students bloom in Bhilai Ispat Vikas Vidyalaya, Khursipar

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Bhilai, Sep 10: Classrooms on both side of the common courtyard are bubbling with bright young minds of students at Bhilai Ispat Vikas Vidyalaya, Khursipar, Bhilai. These students, who hail from BPL families, are provided free education facilities under CSR scheme of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant. Parents of students of BIVV, Khursipar have different professions like being a Barber, Auto-driver, Contractor, Electrician etc. With a skeletal education background SAIL-BSP giving is giving wings to their children by enrolling them in BSP’s Bhilai Ispat Vikas Vidyalaya, Khursipar and giving them a chance to pursue education and dream big. Setup in the year 2011 by SAIL-BSP, the students currently has 189 students studying in classes 1 to 8 who are owned and taken care of and given optimal education facilities to support their academics by SAIL-BSP.
Headmaster Tula Ram Suryavanshi and his team of 13 teachers shower love, affection, right values, ambience to study and interesting teaching techniques to guide the children. The school not just promotes education, but co-curricular activities too. Children studying here are adept at Athletics, Volleyball, Football too. The school team was the Runner-up in the Cub Bulbul rally in Bhilai recently. Many students have been trained and groomed by the teachers to excel in Public speaking and competitions like Debate, Elocution etc.
Students who have passed out from BIVV like Sumit Singh are very good orators too. Sumit has won many Debate competitions and is good at Craft work too. Aniket who completed Class 8 from the school is a National Volleyball champion. G Harita has raised the level of performing Bharatnatyam by dancing and winning accolades at the state level. B Tanushree, Soumya Shubham Behera and Harika have won the Inspire award with a prize of Rs 10,000 for Model-making by the State government.
Rashmi Mishra, an English teacher opted to teach at BIVV Khursipar stated that I get immense satisfaction teaching students here. Numerous challenges were faced while conducting online classes for children due to COVID. We held classes during evening hours so that students could access their parents’ mobiles after they came back home from work, she said. Currently, 50 % of the students are attending classes offline since August 2021following Odd-Even scheme, says Head Master TR Suryavanshi. Kalyani M, a teacher feels that the children are very cooperative and receptive to learning. I engage children such that they enjoy all their classes at school, she says.
Soumya Shubham Behera, a student of Class 8 is keen on discovering new things on MARS when she grows up to be a Scientist. Science and Maths are my favourite subjects and the teachers of my school are really good, she says. Her younger sister too is a student of BIVV, studying in Class 3. A Rahul from Class 8 dreams of building homes in the future after pursuing Civil Engineering. He enjoys studying Mathematics and is good at Athletics too.
Bhilai Ispat Vikas Vidyalaya, Khursipar is spreading hope, offering a medium to channelize the energies of young students in the right direction and creating a sustainable future for them in a situation where parents could not have afforded quality education for their children. The school is providing academic support, instilling confidence in children and giving them a chance to dream big too.

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