Stray cattle menace: Traffic Cops put radium bands on horns

Central Chronicle News
Bhilai, Aug 27: With the objectives of preventing road accidents, Traffic Police have launched exercise of removing the stray cattle from the road. They are also pasting radium bands on the horns of the stray cattle so that they become visible to riders and drivers during night.
As per the instructions of Superintendent of Police (Durg) and under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police (Traffic); the traffic police team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic) is conducting this special campaign of putting radium stickers and bands on the horns of
Some accidents have occurred in the last few days due to the presence of cattle on the roads. The drivers got injured as well as the cattle suffered injuries in these incidents. Therefore, to prevent such incidents, work is being done to remove the cattle from the roads in urban and rural areas of the district. Further radium stickers are being put on their horns so that they become easily visible to drivers in night.
In the last 3 days, the work of putting radium on the horns of about 300 cattle has been done by the traffic police. This work will continue in the coming days. Traffic Police appealed the cattle owners to keep their cattle in a safe place away from the roads.

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