SR Hospital conducts successful knee transplant surgery

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Bhilai, Sep 09: SR Hospital and Research Centre Chikhali Durg performed a successful knee transplant operation of an elderly man. Prior to the operation, the old man was suffering from knee pain and had great difficulty in walking. After being admitted to SR Hospital, Dr Deepak Sinha, the orthopaedic surgeon and a rheumatologist, performed the knee transplant. Now the patient has recovered completely, is healthy and has started walking.
The hospital management informed that this elderly person named Holkar resides in Oteband of Durg area. About a week ago he turned up at the SR Hospital due to extremely painful knee. The specialist Dr Deepak Sinha got conducted X-ray and other investigations which revealed that the patient had a broken knee and the damage had reached the advanced stage, leading to the decision of knee transplant surgery. Thereafter, Dr Sinha and his team successfully transplanted the knee of the elderly patient. After the operation, the elderly person is better with reduced pain and is now able to walk after recovery and physiotherapy being given daily. Dr Deepak Sinha, explained that the patient when he came to hospital was facing a lot of difficulty in walking. These problems usually come with age. After taking out the X-ray, it was found that the knee of the elderly patient has worn out and reached the advanced stage. If such a problem is detected in initial stage, exercise yoga etc gives relief, but the problem of the elderly had reached the advanced stage. After that it was decided to do the knee transplant. The team removed surgically the damaged part of the knee and replaced it with an artificial knee. The operation was completely successful, and now the elderly does not feel any problem in walking. Sanjay Tiwari, Chairman of SR Hospital and Research Centre informed that two years ago, this elderly person from Oteband had reached the hospital with problem in the other knee and that time too knee operation was performed at the hospital successfully. The other knee was repaired and the patient had recovered. Now this problem came in this leg and showing faith in SR Hospital and Research Centre he again reached the hospital. Thus, the second operation was performed on the other knee successfully. He added that the operating team was led by Dr Deepak Sinha. Before the operation, the patient was given a fitness certificate by Dr Sushant Kande. Physiotherapy is being given to the elderly every day, now he is in better condition than before and has started walking.
Sanjay Tiwari added that all the medical facilities are available in the hospital at Chikhali, especially there is a 24×7 trauma center. In this successful operation Dr Deepak Sinha was assisted by Dr Dharamveer Chandrakar, Dr Ashwani Shukla, Dr Neelam Chandrakar, Dr Himanshu Chandrakar, Dr Madhukar and Vijay Gawande, Hari Sahu, Seema Barhare Manohar Kailash and Abha Khunte.

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