SDM declared all earlier registry of tribal land as ‘zero’

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Kawardha, Sep 13: SDM Kawardha Vinay Soni in his historic decision on 20 July 2021 has declared the registry done by a land agent as ‘zero’ and gave orders to register the same piece of land fraudulently transferred by the agent to wife of deceased tribal Brijlal. This land was fraudulently transferred by this person (accused) by cheating tribal Brijlal and got it registered in the name of peon of the accused and thereafter it was sold to non-tribal without seeking permission from required authorities.
As per information in this regard, the deceased Brijlal, R/o Odiyakala of Kawardha district had kept his land mortgaged with ‘sahukar’ late Ramsahay R/o Thankhamaria for just an amount of Rs 500. This was fraudulently got transferred through sale letter by the ‘sahukar’ (accused) in the name of one Sukharu Goud R/o Chandaini, but the actual land was still in hold of Brijlal. It is on refund of the amount of Rs 500, the ‘sahukar’ got a sale letter with land unregistered on 18/08/1979 and kept the actual land owner Brijlal in dark. The ‘sahukar’ not finding his peon ‘Sukharu’ reliable, got it registered with registry letter in the name of another peon Kunjal Goud, R/o Virendranagar.
The game of cheating Brijlal by the person holding his land as mortgaged did not got over here, instead he on 12 April 1997 sold it to a non-tribal Bhuwandas S/o Suhidas Panika, R/o Karesara just on the basis of the Rs 500 registered sale letter. By doing so, he not only kept the tribal in dark, but also the local administration. It is in nexus with the then patwari, tehsildar and registrar, the land of tribal was transferred in the name of non-tribal in the revenue record also. Till the death of Brijlal in 1966, he was the actual owner of the land and it is on making application in the Kawardha court before SDM on 25 Nov 2019 for return of that piece of land and its mutation under section 170 (K) of Revenue Act 1959, that Brijlal’s family got justice and was more unfortunate that just few days of Brijlal getting justice, he died.
Meanwhile, SDM Vinay Soni, in this case of land transfer in fraudulent manner including illegal registry order, and wwrong manner of entry into revenue record, issued order in favour of Brijlal S/o Bharosa R/o Odiyakala and accepting the appeal from his family issued order against the accused Bhuwandas Panika and others. In the order issued, it was mentioned that Brijlal was kept deprived of his legal possession on this piece of land in fraudulent manner and corrupt practices by Bhuwandas and others and therefore declared all the deals and documents as ‘zero’.
On death of Brijlal, his wife Ratna Bai was declared as owner under section 170 (K) of Land Revenue Act and by this the disputable 0.405 hect land on Khasara No. 266/2 of Odiyakala was given in favour of Ratni Bai. This issue of return of land to a tribal after such a long time period is talk of the town and restored faith of villagers and poor on the system of judiciary and revenue.

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