Rudraksha Rakhi much in demand

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Rajim, Aug 20: The festival of Rakhi, which is to be celebrated on August 22nd this year, has decked the entire region of Rajim town with festivity and celebration.
As COVID 19 cases, have finally taken a slow down, people, especially the women folks of the town, are taking ahead the spirit of festivity, by going on a shopping spree for the sacred thread – rakhi. Many are choosing to buy Rudraksha Rakhis, this time around, as many are choosing to abide by the traditional route to celebrate the festival. Shops of the region all decked in fineries are selling the thread from Rs. 5-150, but according to shopkeeper Bhavani Shankar Sahu, the demand for Rudraksha Rakhi’s have gone high, and every second person is demanding the rakhi’s, this season. Fingeshwar Road, Raipur Road has shopkeepers selling the sacred thread on both the sides of the road, and this time around, as many women are also planning to go to their maternal place to celebrate the festival, the sale of rakhi’s has gone up. Many children and women are also opting to do a DIY job, with the festival this year, as students like Guneshwari Sonkar, have made rakhi’s, herself to adorn the wrist of her brothers. Stale and adulterated sweets too will be sold, this year too, but the food department of the region till date is devoid of any action, but the people of the region are expecting fresh sweets this year round, as the festival, has come after a long gap of fear, existing out of COVID 19 fatalities.

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