Roadside fish vendor fined for throwing waste

Bhilai, Feb 09:
A roadside fish vendor Manoj Dhiwar of Katulbod Ward 59 under Durg Municipal Corporation was charged a fine of Rs 500 for throwing leftover and waste on the road itself. In addition, action was also taken on 08 other shopkeepers for selling banned plastic bags, foils etc and in Mararpara action was taken against dairy owners in Shitla Nagar for spreading byre waste. The corporation squad members were Health Officer Durgesh Gupta, Sanitation Inspector Rajendra Sarate, Inspector Suresh Bharti, Sanitation Supervisor and others.
It is worth mentioning that in view of the Cleanliness Survey 2021 underway, the Durg Commissioner Indrajit Burman has instructed the health department to take action against those spreading garbage and selling banned disposable objects. Along with it he has also appealed to the denizens to keep the city clean.
It is in this sequel episode, that a drive was carried out on Tuesday in Katulbod, Marar Para, Sheetla Nagar area. During visit the team noted that one Manoj Dhiwar who does business by setting up a roadside fish shop in Katulbod had thrown the waste generated from the fish selling nearby on the road itself. He was fined for it and was explained not to do it again. Similarly in the ward, disposables, foil was being used by Akash Sonkar Fruit Shop, Vinay Kumar Vegetable Shop, Sandeep Nishad Vegetable Shop, Dulari Bai Vegetable Shop, Vimalabai Vegetable Shop, Deodhar Chauhan Vegetable Shop, Ashish Verma Vegetable Shop on which fine of Rs 100 to 200 was charged. Also, the byre owners in Ward 5 Marar Para Sheetla Nagar, were fined for releasing cow waste.
All citizens and shopkeepers have been urged to keep their ward and city area and refrain from using banned disposable items as it would affect the marking and ranking in SBM Survey 2021.

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