RLAMC celebrates ‘World Sanskrit Week’

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Bhilai, Aug 27: With the objectives of revitalising and mainstreaming the language of gods – Sanskrit, state’s first private Ayurveda Medical College – Rajiv Lochan Ayurveda Medical College (RLAMC), Chandkhuri (Durg) organised multifarious events under the World Sanskrit Week celebration. At the outset, programme began with offering prayers to Lord Dhanvantari.
Throwing light on the significance of World Sanskrit Day, Principal Dr Vandana Fating stated that it is celebrated on Shravana Purnima (Rakshabandhan) every year. Shravana Purnima is considered a festival of remembrance and worship of sages. Rishis are the source of Sanskrit literature; hence Shravani Purnima is celebrated as Rishi Parv and Sanskrit Day. In the Gurukul system of ancient India, the academic session commenced on this day.
Dr Kusumlata Rathore (HoD, Samhita Siddhanta) said that our Rishis have authored all the texts and Samhitas of Ayurveda in Sanskrit language. Therefore, it is very important and necessary for the students of Ayurveda to acquire the knowledge of Sanskrit language. Assistant Professor (Samhita Siddhant) Dr Sunita Kochendra said that Sanskrit is a very beautiful language and has enriched our Indian society for ages. Sanskrit symbolises the rich heritage and culture of India and is the mother of many languages.
Assistant Professor (Sanskrit) Guneshwari Sahu said that Sanskrit language is the pride of our nation. The secrets of Ayurveda medicine are hidden in Sanskrit. It is a key that helps to unravel the myriad mysteries hidden in our ancient texts.
This year, World Sanskrit Week was celebrated during August 19 to 25. RLAMC organised various events during the week long celebrations. The students of BAMS enthusiastically participated in the events and competitions. Rajeshwari secured first position while Geetanjali Bhatt stood second in the Samhita Pathan competition. Tanuja Sahu won the first prize while Aditi Tiwari grabbed second prize in Shloka Spardha. Rajeshwari stood first while Geetanjali Bhatt and Vaidya Bhushan shared the second position in the essay writing competition held on the topic “Significance of Sanskrit Language in present era”.
RLAMC Managing Committee Chairman Prabha Sahu and Managing Director Rajiv Sahu extended greeting and congratulated the faculty members and students on successful conduct of World Sanskrit Week celebration.

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