Rains drive life out of gear

Central Chronicle News
Mungeli, Sep 17: The recent rains, though brought along with it plenty of relief, but the continues drizzle has also spread chaos, as many areas lie submerged and rivulets and nullahs continue to flow above the danger mark.
The farmers of the region had sighed relief after the rains, owing to land parchment being reported in many areas, but now the community is also worried about water logging in the fields, which they say may cause crop rotting if the rain doesn’t stop for some interval of time.
Commutation was also hit hard, as water logging caused vehicles to breakdown, and many riders were seen struggling to cope up with the situation.
Many areas were reportedly left marooned, as water accumulation, continued till late night, as incessant rains lashed the area till late midnight.
There are also reports of main vegetable market, collectorate building and other government buildings, submerged in knee deep water, with surrounding areas showing visible traces of rain water clogging.
With daylight recording humidity and high moisture accompanied with fungal and mildew growth, nights are relatively cooler, resulting in spread of viral and other seasonal diseases among many, especially children.

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