President KUM submits memo to MD Mandi Board

Demands immediate start of various devp works and roads in villages under Bhatapara Mandi

Bhatapara, Apr 12:
President Krishi Upaj Mandi (KUM) Sushil Sharma met the MD of Mandi Board Ranu Sahu and submitted her a memorandum for various development works in favour of farmers of different villages coming under KUM Bhatapara, including construction of ‘Kissan Kutir’, fertilizer godown and construction of roads for movement of farmers and construction of CC road in villages of Bhatapara including 2 km road from Gram Gurra to Jogideep.
The other development works for which he demanded immediate sanction included construction of 2 km road from Gram Tarenga main road to School to Gram Pendari and to Gram Machabhat; 800 mts approach road fromo Gram Rajpur crematorium to Khapari (R); 3 km road from Gram Khapari (R) to Gram Bitkuli; 3 km road froom Gram Pasid to Amaldih; 2 km road from Gram Chamarguda to Komal Sahu’s ‘Badi’ approach road upto Gram Pasid.
In the same way under Simga block, 2 km road from Gram Ganeshpur crematorium to Gram Mandhar; 2.50 km road from Gram Kherghat to Indarman Goushala; 1.50 km road from Gram Ringani main road to Deepaka Verma’s house; 1 km road froom Gram Dongaria main road to Pal Badi to School to Jaiswal Kirana shop; 2 km road froom Gram Chandiyarpara to Gram Adbandha; 2.50 km road from Gram Chanderi to Gram Damakheda; 2 km road from Gram Karhul to Gram Adbandha; 4 km road from Gram Kirwai tgo Chandiyapathra.
Mandi President Sushil Sharma informed that the Engineers of Mandi Board would visit the villages and take necessary action for road construction work. It is due to pro-farmer policy and pro-farmer CM Bhupesh Baghel that many development works in favour of farmers are being carried out in the Bhatapara Mandi. All the works by KUM Bhatapara are being done as per recommendations by Agriculture Minister Ravindra Choubey, Chairman CMDC Girish Dewangan.

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