Police Photographer Ram Gopal Patel’s sixth book released

Bhilai, Feb 16:
With the increasing use of internet and computers, cyber crimes have also increased as the criminals are exploring innovative ideas to cheat the people. In such a risky situation, awareness is the only key to remain protected from cyber crimes. Alike the care we take for protecting ourselves in the real world, precaution is the best way to protect ourselves in the virtual and cyber world. With the aim of bringing awareness and sensitizing the people towards the risks of cyber crime, Senior Police Photograher and Videographer Ram Gopal Patel has written an illustrated booklet in Hindi. It is the sixth book written by him. The book titled “In the world of cyber crimes, we – you and the law related to it” was formally released during a function held at Police Control Room, Sector 6 on the occasion of Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja.
SP Prashant Thakur and other senior officials of the district police were present. At the outset, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Crime) Praveer Chandra Tiwari spoke about the exemplary works done by Ram Gopal Patel and detailed about the books written by him. SP Prashant Thakur appreciated Patel for composing and editing the useful books. He added that in the latest book, Patel has narrated various dimensions of cyber crime. This will help the readers to become aware about the cyber crimes. This book will further help the cops in enhancing their professional efficiency. Certainly this booklet will be useful in giving appropriate direction to the investigations of cyber crimes, Thakur said. He congratulated Patel for his commendable works and hoped that he will continue to support the department by writing such books on important subjects in the future.
Rohit Jha (Additional Superintendent of Police, City), Praveer Chandra Tiwari (Deputy Superintendent of Police, Crime), Ajeet Yadav (Deputy Superintendent of Police, IG Office), Vishwas Chandrakar (City Superintendent of Police, Chhawani), ML Shukla (In-charge DSB Bhilai), UK Verma (SHO, Pulgaon) and others were present. On behalf of the Police Control Room fraternity, senior wireless operator Naseem Sultana praised the commendable works done by Police Photographer Ram Gopal Patel.
Expressing gratitude, Patel said that writing these books was not possible for him without the inspiration, affection, blessings, guidance, good wishes and encouragement of senior officers. He thanked all the senior officers and hoped that he will continue receiving their affection, blessings and guidance. Aarti, Alok, Bhupendra, Ram Surat, Madhuraj, Hemant and Master Saransh Patel made appreciable contributions in publishing this book.

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