Police follows e-footprints to nab notorious thief

Stolen booty worth Rs 2.25 crore recovered

Bhilai, Feb 13: With the arrest of a notorious thief and recovery of stolen booty worth Rs 2.25 crores, police claimed to have solved a multi million rupees theft incident which occurred at Adarsh Nagar on February 05. After identifying the accused with the help of CCTV footage, the cops travelled almost 5000 kilometers in three days while following the e-footprints of the accused. After stealing huge cash and a large quantity of jewellery, the accused was enjoying a vacation in Goa. Team of Durg Police managed to arrest him from a beach in Goa. The accused hails from Nagpur, Maharashtra and was presently living in a rented house in Durg. Under the guise of a street vendor of caps and goggles, the accused used to conduct recce and spot the locked houses to commit theft during the night. He is an accused in over 41 criminal cases of theft-extortion, robbery, attempt to robbery, etc registered in different police stations of Nagpur Maharashtra.

While addressing media persons here at Police Control and Command Centre in Sector 6, SP Dr Abhishek Pallava informed that Padmanabhpur Chowki had received a complaint from one Pankaj Rathi, resident of Adarsh Nagar Durg. On February 05, Rathi family had locked their house and gone to Raipur to attend a marriage function. They returned home around midnight on February 06 and found that the main door was broken. On entering the house, they found that the almirah was also broken and about 2000 grams of gold ornaments; 15 kg silver ornaments / biscuits and about Rs 10 lakh cash was stolen.

Taking the case into serious consideration, IG (Durg Range) Dr Anand Chhabra instructed Durg Police to trace the accused and recover the stolen booty. Under the guidance of SP Dr Abhishek Pallava and supervision of ASP (City) Sanjay Dhruv, CSP Vaibhav Banker Ramanlal and DSP (Crime) Prabhat Kumar, a joint team of ACCU, Padmanabhpur Chowki and Durg Civil Team was formed. Under the leadership of ACCU in-charge Inspector Santosh Mishra and Padmanabhpur SHO Inspector Rajeev Tiwari, the team interrogated the habitual criminals and criminals released from jail. The team examined the CCTV footage and spotted the suspect moving on a scooter. With the help of CCTV footage of different locations, Cops discovered that the accused resides near Green Chowk. With the help of informers, police identified the suspect as Akshay Irani, who was presently residing in Titurdeeh. Police collected information about his residence, local relations, friends and family members and found that the actual name of the accused is Akshay Bhaisare and he is a native of Minimata Nagar Kalamna, Nagpur, Maharashtra. About 41 criminal cases of theft, robbery, attempt to robbery and extortion were registered in various police stations of Nagpur against him. The accused had married an Irani girl who resided in his neighborhood and later they had come to Durg. Initially he resided in Kelabari, Bhathapara and later he shifted to Titurdih in Durg. During day time, the accused worked as a vendor of caps and glasses. But actually, he conducted recce under the guise of a street vendor. After identifying his target, he committed thefts during the night. After getting detailed information about the accused, police traced and followed his e-footprints and located the accused in Mumbai and Goa.

Under the guidance of senior officers, an 11-member team led by CSP (Durg) Vaibhav Banker Ramanlal was sent to Mumbai and Goa. After reaching Goa, the team made sustained efforts to locate the accused and finally he was caught at Anjuna Beach, Goa.

The team covered a distance of 5000 kms nonstop in 03 days and succeeded in arresting the accused. During interrogation, the accused confessed to have committed several thefts in the past one year including theft at Rathi House in Adarsh Nagar. On the basis of revelations made by the accused, police recovered the gold and silver from the place of the in-laws of the accused in Bhathapara. The accused had buried the gold and silver in the compound of the house. He had concealed the cash in a pillow and had escaped to Goa with some cash. Police have recovered stolen booty worth Rs 2.25 crore from his possession.

CSP (Durg) Vaibhav Banker Ramanlal; ACCU I/c Inspector Santosh Mishra; Inspector Rajeev Tiwari; ASI Purna Bahadur; ASI Shamit Mishra; Head Constable Santosh Mishra; Constable Anup Sharma; Constable Jugnu Singh; Constable Upendra Yadav; Constable Pradeep Thakur; Constable Farooq Khan; Constable Dhirendra Yadav; Head Constable Satyendra Madharia; Constable Jagjit Singh; Constable Tileshwar Rathore; Constable Vikrant Kumar; Constable Narendra Sahare; Constable Rinku Soni; Constable Sanat Bharti; Constable Shobhit Sinha; Constable Komal Rajput; Constable Khurram Baksh; Constable Dikesh Sinha; Constable Santosh; Constable Chitrasen Sahu; Constable Keshav Sahu; Constable Javed Khan; Constable Prashant Patankar; Constable Nasir Baksh; Constable Kishor Soni; Constable Thomas Peter; Constable Kamlesh Yadav; Constable Bharthari Nishad and Constable Gaur Singh played a vital role in solving the case.



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