Penalty imposed for dumping burnt oil on road

Bhilai, Feb 11: Durg Commissioner Indrajit Burman visited Surana College Ward and Kasaridih ward the other day to check the status of sanitation. He directed the health officer to take action against those who do not dispose the waste properly and sell disposals and penalize them. In this sequel, Health Officer Durgesh Gupta, Sanitation Inspector Mensing Mandavi, Inspector Raju Singh as per the instructions of the Commissioner visited the Hospital ward, Raipur Naka area, Kachchari ward, Azad ward, Surana college ward, Kasaridih ward. In Millpara ward, Savita Fabrication had dumping burnt oil on the road for which it was charged a fine of Rs 2000, while Pankaj Rathi in Kasaridih Nala was fined Rs 3000 for dumping garbage. The inspection team explained that if the act of dumping things is repeated again the fine charged would be doubled.

It is worth mentioning that along with making people aware of the fact that the Cleanliness Survey 2021 is underway and people should help keep the city clean, penalty is being charged. Under this, action was taken against 25 people, including Krishna restaurant in Hospital Ward, fruit shop in New Bus Stand for using banned plastic and foils, in front of Sulabh toilets, Raipur Naka Mangal Bhavan, fruit shop for burning garbage, throwing in drain etc. It has been appealed to city dwellers not to spread garbage in any way and thus support the Durg Municipal Corporation in cleanliness survey.

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