MLA Devendra donates plasma for Plasma Express Campaign

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Bhilai, May 16: Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadav on Sunday reached the Balaji Blood bank to donate plasma for the Plasma Express campaign that is being run by him in the city. It could be recollected that Devendra Yadav got infected with the novel corona virus about a month ago. It was after which he donated plasma after fully following the guidelines issued by the experts.
The second wave of Corona with the new strain proved to be deadlier than the first one and has taken a heavy toll. Meanwhile, the demand for plasma therapy also increased among the various therapies being adopted for treatment of Covid patient. Due to the emphasis on plasma therapy by doctors, the demand for plasma increased throughout the state including Bhilai-Durg. Keeping in mind this campaign was started by the Bhilai MLA and he pledged to make plasma available to the patients.
Therefore, Plasma Express drive was launched. The plasma express vehicle meant for it these operations reaches the door step of the interested donors and also to deliver plasma to the needy patient. Hundreds of youth joined this campaign from across the state so that the family of the corona patient in need of plasma therapy do not face any difficulty in finding plasma.
After donating the plasma, Devendra said that in this difficult period, the youth has a big responsibility. Today, the state of Chhattisgarh has managed the crisis much better than other states or the entire nation, in which, along with the important role of the administration, the role of the youth was also important, they all deserve to be appreciated. Youth are joining from across the state through Plasma Express campaign, coming forward and connecting patients with donors.
Devendra appealed to all the recovering patients that if they are between 18 and 60 years old, then donate the plasma with the advice of a specialist, motivate others around so that covid patients can fight the corona.

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