Marigold farming yielding high dividends

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Mungeli, Sep 21: Farmers from the region are slowly turning towards crops, which need less care, but provide high yield, in the past few years. Traditional farming, has taken a back seat with these farmers, as many have diverted from traditional crops, due to high expenditure, climatic changes and increase in pest growth.
One of the crops, which has attracted many farmers is, marigold, a much in demand flower in the Indian subcontinent. The best thing about flower rearing in particular marigold is that it doesn’t deplete soil fertility neither does it involve high cost. According to agronomist and flower culture expert Dr. Pooja Pahare, marigold can be cultivated in all seasons, and a cost of 30-35000 per acre is spent, if the farmer opts for hybrid seeds.
Three crops can be taken a season and a chemical diffused by the roots of the plant, into the soil also strengthens its mineral retaining capacity, she said, also addressing the fact that if a farmer cultivated marigold in half a acre land, then the yield can be in between 1-2 quintal.
And per kilogram of the flower can procure Rs 65-70 in seasons, therefore it’s an all profit business she said. Also coming in many varieties, these flowers can be cultivated in open fields and closed compounds, with no high cost.

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