JLNH&RC’s ENT Deptt becomes bastion of excellence

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Bhilai, Aug 21: All departments of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s JLN Hospital and RC have rendered a massive contribution in treating COVID patients during the first and second wave of COVID 19. ENT department, which has been rendering excellent services over the past many years, is one of these departments.
Surgery of mouth and throat, faciomaxillary surgery, bronchoscopy and Endoscopy of Nose are some of the surgical procedures done by ENT department. The department has also served as a messiah for patients of Black Fungus.
Black fungus cases were on a rise at Bhilai-Durg during the second COVID wave. Black fungus occurs mostly in Diabetic patients. It affects the Nose, Sinus of patients and spreads to eyes and the brain. If not treated on time, the disease may reduce badly affects the vision of the patient and may even prove fatal.
Black Fungus patients have been treated successfully by ENT department under the leadership of HoD Dr Neeta Sharma with the team comprising of Dr Girish Umredkar, Dr Prachi Mene, Dr Ashwin Jaiswal, DNB doctors, Radiology team and Operation Theatre staff, Medical staff of F1 ward and ICU, Pathology, Eye, Medicine along with Dental department have contributed substantially in treating Black Fungus patients.
65 Black Fungus patients have been treated successfully at JLN Hospital and RC. 35 Black fungus patients were operated with the support of team of Anaesthesia department led by Dr Vineeta Dwivedi.
Anti-fungal Liposomal amphotericin B injection and Posaconazole tablets are also required in treating the disease. Ensuring availability of these injections and medicines was a challenging task, which was executed successfully under the leadership of Anirban Dasgupta, Director I/c (BSP) and the SAIL management. The dreaded infection of Black Fungus could be overcome due to these efforts.
These activities were carried out under the leadership and guidance of Dr S K Issar, ED (M & HS). Dr Ravindranath, CMO (M & HS) and Dr Pramod Binayake, CMO (M & HS), the District administration also played an important role in the whole process.

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