JLN Hospital’s Radiology Dept plays pivotal role in COVID treatment

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Bhilai, May 15: Many departments of SAIL-BSP’s JLN Hospital and RC have played a pivotal role in treating COVID patients during the first and second COVID wave. One of the departments that played a pivotal role in COVID care is the Radiology Department.
There was excessive load on the Radiology department during the second COVID wave, but members of the department stood out with their exemplary work. Their sense of service and commitment has touched many lives.
There was a surge in COVID cases in Bhilai-Durg during the 2nd COVID wave, with number of COVID patients exponentially rising in the state of Chhattisgarh.
This led to a much higher number of COVID patients in JLN Hospital and RC. Also, a number of patients whose RAT and RTPCR test were negative still continued to have COVID symptoms.
There was a need for CT Scan, X-ray and other tests of such patients as crucial part to decide the course of their further treatment.
Radiology department has screened a large number of COVID patients from January 2021 to April 2021, with 10753 X-rays, 4649 CT Scan, 4858 Ultrasound and 636 MRI during this period.
Radiology department meanwhile continued to cater to patients from other disciplines too. Members of Radiology department have put in stupendous efforts and worked with vigour during these trying times. The Radiology team have kept up their morale in these difficult circumstances and served all patients with utmost care.
Under the leadership of Radiology department’s Additional CMO Dr Pratibha Issar, the entire team of Dr Rajeev Pal, Dr Lata Dewangan, Dr Dhiraj Gupta, DNB doctors, Radiographers, para-medical staff and other employees have shown their commitment for excellence.
Some members of the Radiology team themselves became COVID positive. Still, the team continued to render their services. They recovered from COVID and continued their work without taking rest. This entire activity was carried out under the guidance of Dr SK Issar, ED (M & HS), Dr Pramod Binayake, CMO and Dr Ravindranath, CMO.

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