‘Heads of all communities strongly condemned Oct 5 incident’

Kawardha, Oct 08:

Under chairmanship of Collector Kawardha RK Sharma, meeting of all heads of the societies, Chamber of Commerce and other business organisations was held and it was attended by Nagar Palika Preident Rishi Sharma, SP Mohit Garg, all heads of communities and media representatives as well.
In the meeting members of all the communities strongly condemned that rally, chakka-jam and violent protest in different wards of Kawardha city on Oct 5 and shattering peace and disturbing social harmony. An orgaisation of ‘Sarv Samajs’ also condemned the entry of anti-social elements from different districts and disturbing law & order in city. Collector and SP gave inforamtion to both the groups due to whom the riots took place and the action being taken against the guilty. In the meeting, Collector, SP and Nagar Palika President and Sarv Samaj heads urged all the citizens of city and district to maintain law & order and peace in the city. In order to restory peace and harmony in the city, Sarv Samaj (members of all societies) have started taking initaitives for relaxation in the curfew imposed. In order to ensure peace, harmony, brotherhood and social harmony in city, two major decisions were taken in the meeting. As per the decision taken, peace march will be taken out by the heads of communities, district administation, business organisations and media representatives on Oct 8. In the other decision, it was decided to form 9 different delegations for 27 wards of Kawardha Nagar Palika to sort out issues between two groups and to ensure that such incidents do not repeat in the near future.
This delegation will comprise of heads of different communities, officers from district and police administration. These representatives will go to wars and explain it to people from different groups to restore peace and harmony, so that the ongoing section 144 imposed in city could be relaxed in the coming days of ‘navratri’, Dussehra and Urs.
In the meeting organised by members of different communities to restore law & order and peace in city, President Brahmin Samaj CP Choubey strongly condemned the incident and said that people from all reglious community prefer to live in communal harmony and held the incident to shatter peace and harmony in city as part of well-planned conspiracy.
President Jain Samaj Rajendra Bothra demanded action against all those responsible for riots in city. President Thakur Samaj NS Thakur said that seeing the unity & integrity of society, the district administration should take unbiased action.
He said that communal harmony and brotherhood in Kawardha city is intact. Kanhaiya Agrawal from Agrawal Samaj strongly condemned the incident of Oct 5 and demanded action against guilty of both the parties responsible for indulging in violent attacks.
President Muslim Samaj Salim Gauri informed that after this incident, there is lot of pain and sympathy in mind of all and added that it is peace and communal harmony which tops all agenda and people should avoid getting agitated and ensure peace & harmony in the society and follow path of non-violence.
Akash Ahuja of Chamber of Commerce, Dinesh Jain raised demand to give relaxation to a category in particular for ensuring day-to-day items and availability of goods to families. Akbar Qureshi outsider people in large number are now residing in city and in such conditions they should be identified and he strongly condemned the incident. He said that the riots or controversy just does not start from one group, as it is not possible to clap without two hands. So both the parties should be explained and path of peace & harmony should be opted, instead of violence and agitation and restore peace and harmony in city.
Meeting was attended by members of different samaj viz. President Gupta Samaj Sitacharan Gupta, President Sikh Samaj Daljit Pahuja, President Christian Samaj, President Patel Samaj- Sitaram Patel, President Adivasi Samaj Dayaram, Yadav Samaj Chief-Rakesh Yadu, President Dewangan Samaj- Narendra Dewangan, President Kalar-Samaj- Rupendra Jaiswal and heads of other societies and communities.


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