Gauthan scheme opened new avenues of income for Women SHGs

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Bhilai, Sep 20: Gauthan, the ambitious scheme of the government, has opened avenues of income for women groups. Joining this scheme, the women’s group has been successful in conducting employment-oriented activities near their house.
There has been a change in the lives of the women when opportunities are available and income is assured. Women have defined the road to success by joining Gauthans. The women of self-help groups did this feat by showing solidarity.
Now the cow dung collected at Gauthans has shown the path of success with employment for women groups. The women’s groups are participating enthusiastically in various activities and are producing new products with new concept. Due to the operation of various activities, the challenges in the market of the clusters have also been reduced.
1978 women belonging to Gauthan group are getting employment. In the financial year, the women of the groups have earned a profit of Rs 1.55 crore. Rural women have git a traditional option to develop rural entrepreneurship. Rural women have made good use of these resources. Now such a group can be seen in all the Gauthans.
During the Corona period when all kinds of activities were closed and employment opportunities were decreasing, even then women’s groups remained encouraged. The prospect of employment acted as a support to the women of the group. Due to the successful implementation of Godhan Nyay Yojana, the door of employment remained open. The success achieved by the initiative and meaningful efforts of the groups did not let the spirits down.

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