Fourth Export rake of SAE 1008 Wire Rod Coils to be dispatched to Nepal

Central Chronicle News
Bhilai, Aug 07: Yet another full rake of wagons with 2700 Tonnes of this SAE 1008 grade wire rods produced in SAIL- Bhilai Steel Plant’s Wire Rod Mill (WRM) is ready for dispatch to Nepal. About 8100 T of this grade has already been dispatched for export to Nepal earlier.
It may be recalled that the first export rake comprising of 43 Wagons with 2700 Tonnes of the same grade of wire rods had been flagged off for dispatch to Nepal on June 09, 2021. The second and third rakes were dispatched to Nepal on June 30 and July 10, 2021, respectively. Wire Rod Mill has traditionally been rolling plain wire rods & TMT coils from the SMS1-BBM route. After the closure of SMS1- BBM route, this is the first time that Plain Wire rods of Quality SAE 1008 has been rolled in WRM from cast billets produced in the modern Steel Melting Shop 3, i.e. through the Continuous Casting (CCS) route. A unique feature of the coils exported to Nepal is that each and every coil is labelled with QR code having information like – Heat Number, Coil Number, Quality, Section, Date and Shift of rolling. All these information are unique to each coil. With this labelling, WRM has been able to fulfil requirement of SAIL’s Marketing Wing, CMO for proper labelling and marking of coils. This initiative of labelling is the first step to the Mill’s Coil Yard Management System Project. The SAE1008 wire rods shall be used by the Wire Drawing Units for making GI wires. Half of the material shall be galvanized for further use. The wire drawn shall be used for making of Gabion box that are used for arresting landslides in hilly terrain.

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