Farmer’s son commits suicide over KCC loan fraud

Dongargarh, Apr 12: A farmer’s son committed suicide over KCC loan fraud and the accuse Kuldeep Vishwakarma, Medha committee manager is still to compensate to the loss of the victims. The indebted farmers are neither able to sell their paddy, nor are they getting loans in the name of farming.
In one such case, the son of a debtor father committed suicide due to lack of money and died during treatment at Rajnandgaon Medical College. A case of suicide by consuming poison has come to light by Khallari resident Anand Ram father Bhagirathi aged 35 years. According to the information received from the family sources, there was a dispute between the farmer Bhagirathi Kavar and his son Anand Ram in the past due to the debt of KCC loan under the influence of alcohol, due to which Anand Ram tried to commit suicide by consuming poison.
Meanwhile Committee manager Ramdayal Chandravanshi, the procurement in-charge of Medha Society, told that Bhagirathi Kanwar comes among big farmers, who does agriculture in 8.75 acres and at present, the amount of KCC loan of Rs. 252688 is left. There was an agreement between the committee manager and the farmers regarding the removal of KCC loan and as per information, the committee manager cheated 37 farmers of lakhs of rupees.
According to the information received from the deceased’s cousin Vasudev Kavar and other farmers, lakhs of rupees were fraudulently extorted by Kuldeep Vishwakarma, former society manager, in the name of KCC loan from 37 farmers of village Khalari. Though on the complaint of the farmers, Kuldeep Vishwakarma in front of the police station Dongargarh and SDOP police administration, had agreed to return the money but till today the money of other farmers including Bhagirathi has not been returned.

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