Farewell given to two BMC employees on superannuation

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Bhilai, Mar 01: On Monday, two employees of Bhilai Municipal Corporation, who have completed 62 years of age and attained superannuation, were given farewell. The Deputy Commissio-ner Narendra Kumar Banjare wished the employee good health and longevity upon their retirement and honoured them by offering mementos, shawls and coconut.
Prior to the felicitation the retired employees shared their experience during their service at Bhilai Municipal Corporation. They described the difficult situations they faced during their tenure. The officers of the corporation who participated in the ceremony said that the retired employees have worked in every difficult situation that the corporation faced from time to time. For, this the administration is thankful and added that after retirement they will now share their good works with the society. Ram Singh and Neelkanth Ramteke were bid farewell on Monday. Ram Singh serve a long tenure as a field worker in Zone 02 office. He faithfully followed the instructions given by the higher officials during his tenure. Similarly, Neelkanth was working as a peon and completed his tenure. During the entire tenure, they served the office dedicatedly and maintained a good relation with everyone. Among those present were Health officials Dharmendra Mishra, Sanjay Sharma, Purushottam Sahu, Vidyadhar Dewangan, Mohanty, Asati and office bearers of the Employees Union.

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