Encroachment removed from Power House Market premises

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Bhilai, Feb 25: The squad of Zone 04, Shivaji Nagar, Bhilai Municipal Corporation took action to remove encroachment from near Power House the other day. Some people were using the area meant for Mother’s Market premises for conducting business.
This market set up in a prime location, near the Power House Square on GE road, is meant for women to conduct business so as to help themset up business and earn livelihood. One of the encroachers had been allotted a kiosk to run business from other place in Power House, but he instead of using the designated location had shifted the kiosk to Mother’s Market area and was running it from there.
Here it needs a mention that a building is being constructed on the lines of a mega mart for Mother’s Market for the upliftment of women along the GE road at Power House, which is in the final stages. But as some people had set up the business related to garage and vehicle repair work in the campus, the entire campus was flooded with vehicles, which was also affecting the traffic in that area. These were removed as they were hindering the construction of entrance, boundary wall and other construction work. Prior to taking action, they were given time to remove their businesses from there, but no heed was given. As a result, the eviction drive was carried out by the corporation team and the site was made free of possession.
Assistant Revenue Officer of Zone No 04 Balakrishna Naidu informed that some people were running businesses illegally and they were removed from the market premises near Power House.
Among them were motor mechanic Nandlal Singh, Betalshop by Achchelal, one person was conducting the work related to travel in a kiosk, and one Mohammed Zakir was doing gas welding business. The eviction drive was carried out on the instructions of Zone Commissioner Amitabh Sharma.

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