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Bhilai, Aug 25: Employees belonging to Power & Electrical zone of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant were awarded with the ‘Pali Shiromani’ and ‘Karm Shiromani Puraskar’ on August 24, 2021 for their exemplary work performance under the ‘Shiromani Puraskar Yojana’ of Bhilai Steel Plant.
Pali Shiromani Award winners of Electrical zone Vijayendra Singh Thakur, Assistant Manager, DNW and Karm Shiromani Award winners Radheshyam Dewangan, C’Man-Cum-SrTech., HME, Daneshwar Lal, Tech (SBA) , MSDS-II, Prakash Kumar Sahu , Sr Technician, ERS and K Nagabhusan Rao, Sr Tech, ETL were felicitated for their exemplary work.
The winners of Pali Shiromani award for Power Zone Yanendra Kumar Kose, Assistant Manager, P&BS. The winners of Karm Shiromani award for Power Zone Rajesh Parwardhan, C/Man Cum Sr Tech, PEM, Premnarayan Sahu, C/Man Cum Sr Tecn (E), PNBS, Manas Balaya Kumbhar, ACT, PBS-II and Joydeep Mukherjee, C/Man Cum Sr Techn, PEM were felicitated for their contribution at workplace. The norms of social distancing were followed in conducting and distribution of the prizes during the function in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.
The function was presided over by Arvind Kumar, CGM I/c (M &U) and PK Sarkar, CGM (Electrical). Departmental HODs Arjunan Shankar, GM (PSD), Bensey George, GM (DNW), Ravindra Kumar, GM (MSDS-II), US Barwal, GM (ETL), PK Padhy, GM (ERS), MA Siddique, GM (HME), BK Luha, GM (PNBS), VS Dewangan, GM (PNBS) and HK Sahu, GM I/c (PEM) presented the award winners with a certificate of merit, memento and appreciation letter for the spouse of the employee. The programme was conducted by Personnel Office of P&E Zone.

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