Durg to get its first electric crematorium at Ramnagar Muktidham

Bhilai, Oct 12: The first electric crematorium of Durg district has been completed at Ramnagar Muktidham. Bhilai Mayor Neeraj Pal and Municipal Commissioner Rohit Vyas jointly on Wednesday reached the electric crematorium site in Muktidham and took detailed information about the status. A room along with the shed has been constructed, the process of machine installation has also been completed. Transformers too have been installed for power supply.

Here it needs a mention that the entire process of cremation in electric crematorium would take about an hour. While it would take about 30 minutes while the mortal remain turn into ashes another half an hour would be required to collect the bones and the ashes. Therefore, in about an hour the process of cremation and collection of the remains will be completed. This electric crematorium is also very useful from the environmental point of view as logs would not be required for the process of cremation. In a day around 8 to 10 cremations can be done in 10 hours. This process would prove to be even more useful during rainy season.

About 52 lakh rupees have been spent in the construction work of electric crematorium. An agency will be appointed to take care of the operation and maintenance part. The agency will work for 2 years and would also train the employees on how to use the crematorium. In a way, it will be a modern electric crematorium which will be the first of its kind in Bhilai area. It was during the Covid pandemic at its peak that a large number of deaths occurred resulting in rush at Muktidham. It was then that decision was tkane to install an electric crematorium in this Muktidham. Now it has been completed and will be started soon. During this visit others who accompanied were Additional Commissioner Ashok Dwivedi, Superintending Engineer Deepak Joshi, Zone Commissioner Pooja Pillay, Executive Engineer Kuldeep Gupta, Health Officer Dharmendra Mishra, Assistant Engineer Arvind Sharma, Mayor’s personal secretary Wasim Khan, Deputy Engineers Arpit Banjare and Basant Sahu.

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