Drip mulching method applied to grow eggplants on barren land

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Bhilai, Mar 19: After the launch of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s ambitious scheme – “Narwa Garwa Ghurwa Baadi”, people are not only adopting traditional practices like developing ‘baadi’ in the rural areas but are also doing new experiments according to modern times. Shakti Self-Help Group at Village Fakari in Patan Block has done such an experiment in the baadi developed here under the NGGB scheme.
They have planted eggplants of Kalyani variety on two acres of land. For this venture, the department of horticulture provided the facility of drip irrigation etc. The group has applied the method of mulching.
SHG leader Damin Sahu said that they had heard about the mulching method. It prevents the growth of weeds near the plants and ensures that the crops get adequate nutrition. She added that the drip method uses very little water. At present, they have to supply water for only five hours. On the other hand, a lot of time is consumed in the baadis nearby which are taking crops of leafy vegetables (bhaji).
Deputy Director (Horticulture) Suresh Thakur informed that on the directions of District Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, horticulture activities are being promoted through DMF and self-help groups are being specially motivated for developing the baadis. In Fekari, women are also cultivating cucumber along with brinjal in the baadi.
A grant of Rs 37000 has been provided for Brinjal Area Extension from the National Horticulture Mission. Rs 32000 have been provided for mulching. Assistance has been provided for drip irrigation through DMF. Using this method, women are working efficiently here. They are not only taking good yield but are also inspiring other groups.
Damin Sahu informed that 7000 saplings of Kalyani variety have been planted in two acres of land. One plant will give an estimated yield of five kilograms of brinjal in a year. Assuming a rate of Rs 5 per kilogram in the mandi, they are expecting to sell brinjal worth Rs 1.75 lakhs in a year.
Along with this, the women of this group have also grown Bhaji in the nearby land. A pond has been dug just next to the baadi where fisheries will be practiced.
The women of this group go to work under MGNREGA in the morning and in the afternoon they work in the baadi. The women members said that they are very excited to work with innovative ideas. They are applying drip irrigation, mulching and are learning modern techniques. This will increase their income considerably.

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