Devendra asks BSP to deal ex-employees with sympathy

Bhilai, Jan 29: On Friday, MLA Devendra Yadav mediated a meeting between the office bearers of House Lease Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti and BSP Officials. ED (P&A) of Bhilai Steel Plant, Chief General Manager of Town Administration Department and other high officials of Bhilai Steel Plant were present in the meeting held at Bhilai Niwas.

House Lease Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti President Rajendra Parganiha stated that the Estate Court has issued eviction orders against the ex-employees residing in BSP quarters under the retention scheme. The arrears have been calculated as 64 times of the original rent. Whereas at present, rent is being calculated as 32 times the original rent and facility of payment in instalments is also being provided.

They demanded that the old dues should also be calculated on the basis of new rates. Taking the matter into consideration, SK Dubey (ED, Personnel and Administration) assured that they will examine the entire calculation and make efforts to resolve the issue in good faith. The officials of House Lease Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti expressed satisfaction on this assurance. Apart from this, Rajendra Parganiha said that retention holder ex-employees are not being allowed to seek SAIL Pension Scheme, which is a violation of labor law. In reply, Executive Director SK Dubey mentioned the guidelines of Corporate Office related to this subject in which instructions have been given. This issue will be discussed in the next meeting. Sangharsh Samiti is planning to approach court over this issue.

Devendra Yadav stated to the BSP executives that the ex-employees have made significant contributions in establishing the plant and maintaining its production and productivity. Therefore, the BSP management should consider their demands with sympathy and goodwill. Efforts to solve the problem must be made by holding such meetings from time to time. Dubey assured to hold the meeting again next month also.

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